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Offshore Football Wagers

Learn tips and strategies to wagering on NCAA-college football, NFL-pro football. Free nfl pick,nfl updated lines, the latest injury reports and other handicapping tools for the nfl bettor.

Sporting News

Sports news that offers you highlights, updates on NFL, NCAA college football and insight to help you with your choices on wich team you would like to place your football bet.

NCAA Football Betting Guide

NCAA betting information service with a complete college football guide including news, odds, lines, links, live scores, bowl schedules and a list of reliable sportsbooks.

Pro Football Talk

Pro football talk is loaded with information on NFL football. This site lists the NFL rosters, schedules, NFL tv schedules and a list of reliable sportsbooks.

NCAA Football Bet

An online betting directory specifically for NCAA Football betting. They provide NCAA headline news, the top NCAA teams and info on each as well as a researched and tested list of sportsbooks.

UCLA Football

UCAL Football is your one stop site for all the UCLA fan news and information. You can get all the information on the UCLA Bruins, including info on the incoming class of 2004, their season schedule, injury reports and more. A must stop if you are a Bru

NFL Gambling News

NFL Gambling News is your one stop source for gambling information and football nes. Offering

Gameday Cahllenge Football Sports Pools

NFL football is by far America’s favorite sport and the popularity of football office pools continues to grow. Get tips on how to win office pools in NFL & college football plus NBA & NCAA basketball at

NFL Pictures

NFL Pictures is the best online source for football pictures, nfl pics, cheerleaders pics, all football teams and stadiums, top rated sportsbooks and more. NFL also brings you the latest nfl football news, betting tools, parlay calculator and NFL football

NFL Rumors

NFL Rumors is the #1 Online Resource for NFL and football breaking news, scoops, rumors, inside information and more, including Super bowl the Scouting Combine and the NFL Draft. Visit our blog online!!! We are dedicated to provide nfl rumors, news, histo

Sports illustrated

Get the best Sports Updates on on NFL football and College Football. Get the fastest sports updates on injuries so you can better your winning chance on online foootball betting.

The Sports Network

The Most Betting information, fastest, and the easiest to use. With scores as they happen, news, trends and gambling predictions, statistics, pre- and post-game reports, historical data, injuries for both college and professional teams, features and a gre

Football Betting College Odds

Get college football updates, odds injury reports and betting odds on every college game.

NCAA College Football Betting Final Four Odds

This college betting site will give you latest updates on players, stats, injuries, odds and the latest updates on the teams that will be playing in the final four match ups.

College Sports Betting Odds

Get help picking NFL winners with our handicapping section. College Sports Betting odds provides Football news, Betting odds, injury reports, and team matchups.

Offshore Football Betting Guide

Learn how to bet online football. Do not for get to visit our reputable sportsbooks that we have listed.

College Football Betting Live Lines

Open an account with one of our top rated sportsbooks and place a bet on your favorite sport at any time. College football betting live lines and casino service provides a list of NFL football game betting props.

Pro Football Betting Odds

Receive betting tips on pro football online wagering.

Football Betting Sportsbooks

The 32 teams of the NFL do battle through 17 grueling weeks of the regular season, yet that is only phase one of the competition to be crowned national champion. Next come the NFL Playoffs, and here the excitement is guaranteed. The complete guide to foot

Online College Football Odds

Online College Football Odds provides Tips on NFL football betting,NFL handicapping, FAQs, team homepages, and competition schedules.

Bet Football Spreads Online

Get the latest information on injuries, news, NFL, NCAA betting speads and much more.

Sports Football Gambling

A site with a great list of sportsbooks to choose from as well as news on NCAA and Pro Football, trivia and much more.

Betting Superbowl

Soley focused on Super Bowl Betting. They offer history, schedules but the most popular section of the site is the sportsbooks listed and their Super Bowl specials they’ll be offering for this seasons Super Bowl Betting!


Get the latest updates on the best sports betting action right at your figure tips, while you sit in the confort of your home. CBS SportsLine will get you in to the Game.

Pro Football Hall of Fame

A great destination site for die hard fans or those who love the game of Pro Football. You’ll find news, hightlights, history on the past, present and future superstars!

NCAA Football Gambling Online

This site has dedicated itself to providing you with all the rumors, gossip and more on NCAA football. Plus a list of their top sportsbook recommendations.

Nottre Dame

Notre Dame Football focuses on the Fighting Irish but also brings a complete NCAA betting guide. They offer a sportsbook review that covers the best online sportsbook as well as 2004 NCAA schedules, Hall of Fame info, stadium info and more.

Purdue Football

Purdue Football has all the latest updated information on the Purdue Boilermakers. Featuring NCAA news, scores, team records, and loads of stats on Purdue Boilermakers.

College Football Gambling Guide

A college football gambling guide that offers news, schedules, betting tips and a list of reputable sportsbooks and casinos.

College Football Sportsbook Wagering

College football sportsbooks wagering guide provides pro football betting lines online sportsbook reviews, schedules, news, scores, and statistics.

NFL Stats

NFL Stats provides you with all the NFL and college football statatics you could possibly need prior to making your sports bets. Use this site for NFL stats, college stats, injury reports, weather and scores. Info you need to see before making any sport

Football Bet Online

Football Bet Online provides a complete guide to betting on football over the internet. The guide provides a "how to" on each bet type, ie. Proposition bet, parlay bets, etc. and a list of offshore or internet sportsbooks to play with.