Kentucky Derby 2011


As race times may change over the day, management reserves the right to cancel any ticket made past the track’s actual posted time. It will be deemed as “No Action” and your money will be returned. For this reason, our race programs have a 15 minute earlier post time than the actual race. Kentucky Derby Betting. The following are the possible results for a race (anything besides a Win or Loss results in “No Action”).

Payouts will be made based on the actual track payout. The Morning Line (ML) listed in the race program is just informational and is not used to calculate the payouts. You’re account will reflect any payouts once the race is graded. The following table shows the min/max bets and max $2 payouts for the different types of wagers:


Post times on every race are provided the tracks. Results, payouts and post times come directly from each and every track, and they are FINAL.

If you would like to place a bet above the listed limit you must call for management approval.
Note: 10,000 max payout on all futures.