Kentucky Derby 2011

Horse Racing

To place a bet with our horse betting program is very simple, actually it can’t get any easier. You must first select the track then the race in that track where your desired horse or horses are running. First, select the race track in the track selection list. Next, select the race you wish to bet on by selecting the Race in the Race selection list . Below you will see the Kentucky Derby Betting description for every race of the track you selected.

Straight Wagers

Basically with straight wagers, you simply select which horse will be on the first, second or third positions. Win corresponds to First place, Place place is Second place, and Show is Third Place. To make a straight wager simply enter the amount of your wager and select your horse. Say you wanted to bet $10 “across the board” (Win, Place and Show) on the 7 horse. You would enter 10 in the Win, Place and Show Amounts and select the 7 horse in the corresponding horses selection list boxes.